Learn the skills of the future

The Training Center of Humans in the Loop provides courses in essential skills for microfreelancing, AI annotation, and digital online work


Study English and participate in our language exchange program


Acquire the main skills needed for image collection & annotation for Artificial Intelligence


Learn how you can earn money online through microfreelancing, wherever you are

How to use the Training Center

Check out the video on the right to learn how to use the Training Center platform and how to access your courses, events, and other opportunities!

How to Activate Your Humans in the Loop Google Account

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What is a Human in the Loop?

"Human-in-the-Loop" is a term used when humans work together with Artificial Intelligence and help it learn how to see objects, understand language, and make decisions like a human. It is a job which will be essential in the future and we want to prepare you for it!

Dataset collection, image annotation, and 3D and semantic segmentation, are the skills of the future which will drive forward the AI industry. Our trainings help you become part of tomorrow’s digital workforce.

Through our microfreelancing offerings, you will learn how to find suitable work online, where to look for it, and how to build a portfolio of successful freelance projects, even without previous experience. 

Our HITL Stars Program helps you learn the essential English you will need for both online and offline communication. In addition, you can take part in our Language and Culture exchange program.

Get certified

Build up your portfolio by completing courses on our training platform. For each course, you will receive a certificate in order to demonstrate your skills. You will be able to track your progress through fun badges which will enable you to access different types of online work.

Bounding box expert

A badge earned by completing the Bounding box lesson

Image collector pro

A badge for those who have completed the Image collection lesson

Aspiring freelancer

A badge for those who have completed the first day of the microfreelancing course

What our students say

Humans in the Loop offered me valuable opportunities and support at one of the hardest times in terms of my personal and professional development.
Lana Alnaeb
HITL Stars student and teaching assistant
Humans in the Loop offered me several opportunities, from learning programs to job opportunities, which have helped me feel empowered.
Hiba Hatem
HITL Stars student